Saturday, February 1, 2014

28 Days...

Happy February!!

This is going to be a great month!
Lots of good stuff going on!

~~Black History Month~~

Ground Hog Day! Valentine's Day! Presidents Day! 


But on top of all of that, I'd like to get a couple things accomplished.

Lose a couple more pounds.

Stick to my fitness program for the entire month--I cheated quite a bit last month 
*hangs head in shame*

However the main thing I'll be doing is...



I gots lots on my mind and I gotta get it out!
I gotta FreshHotStoryline just begging to be written.

But seriously, can you imagine typing an entire manuscript on one of those old manual typewriters? I so admire authors who have written their manuscripts this way. *ClapClapClap*

I actually learned how to type on a manual one (my first typing class) The next year we were upgraded to electric typewriters. We were stylin'

However, I can't even imagine trying to type on one now. My carpel tunnel pain would probably increase by 1000! I wonder how writers dealt with carpel tunnel pre ergonomics

Just call me Ms Ergonomics!

Mouse & Keyboard = no pain

I think they're the best thing since sliced bread, seriously...try one, you may find them more comfortable, but I know several people that have tried and hated them.