Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving & Black Friday shopping...

 Well, we've survived Thanksgiving and the biggest shopping day of the year--Black Friday! I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving and didn't over eat. We don't serve a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at our house. Instead, we have a seafood feast consisting of: Crab legs, lobster tails & shrimp. Let me tell you it was delicious! :)

I did not go shopping on Black Friday. I've never gone shopping on that day and probably never will. I already hate shopping as it is. I can spend about an hour in a store before I get antsy. I can't imagine getting out in those crazy crowds. I prefer to shop online. On the news it showed people camped out in tents in front of some of the stores since Monday morning?!?!

How in the world can you  put your life on hold all week and spend days camped out in front of a store. I could understand if they were giving away stuff for free, but standing in the cold for hours for a discount? That musta been some discount! :) I have friends that do it every year, and they enjoy themselves and say it's fun. Uh...hmm..I don't know about that LOL! If I have to shop it will be during the after Christmas sales :)

Now, it's time to prepare for Christmas! The constant Christmas music on the radio, more sales commercials, flyers in the mail. I love Christmas, it's my favorite holiday but it seems like they start celebrating too. I'm actually tired of listening to Christmas music by Christmas LOL! I went into a store during the last week of October  and it already had Christmas decorations up?!!? Slow down, people!

It's also Christmas wish list time! Have you made up your list?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Teen Books...

Do you know any young readers ages 10 - 14 looking for a fun read?

How about purchasing a copy of GRAPE BUBBLEGUM for them.

It's also available in the following countries via Amazon: France, Italy, Japan, UK, Germany, Spain & India

From other countries you can purchase it from the Musa Publishing website 

When hair dye goes wrong, falsies escape during pep rallies, and friends turn to the dark side, Beatrice's 8th-grade year can only be saved by grape bubblegum kisses.

13-year-old Beatrice Peppercorn's heart's desires are to finish her final year in middle school, win the heart of her cutie pie crush and take home the trophy for the spelling competition. Simple, right? Not when Beatrice's arch nemesis gets in her way and a new kid arrives--turning her world upside down.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Election Time..

It's that time of year. Time to VOTE!!!
It is your duty/responsibility to get out and vote for the candidate of your choice.
Let your voice be heard. 
Not your hatred!
 I honestly cannot believe the level of hatred spreading around.
Vote for who you want to vote for and leave it at that.
Please stop the name calling, racist statements, threats.
If someone doesn't look like you, believe like you, 
live like you, etc.
not a reason to hate that person.
 Yes, I know that in your mind you are not in need of grace, 
you're perfect, living a sin free life, 
never gossiped, lied or stolen a ink pen. 
Your heart is 100% pure 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Never ever an impure thought about anyone.
You are perfect
You can still passionately promote your candidate
talk about your beliefs
discuss your family values
without the hatred
Agree to disagree
Not a reason to hate.