Friday, September 19, 2014

Fruits & Veggies = Writer's Block

Well, I'm once again back on the healthy eating streak, or at least trying :) It seems to change weekly!

My newest cravings are for Sugar Snap Peas! If you've not tried these things you are missing out! I call them my new alternative potato chip #crunchcrunchcrunch

These are lightweight, crisp, sweet, refreshing, oh and crunchy!

A perfect snack!

You know you wanna try them now, right?

Since I work nights, I "try" to eat something healthy when I get home versus the whole, it's technically my evening, so its okay to have cookies! Yep, cookies for breakfast... Bad! very bad!

Lately, my new food of choice is a nice egg white omlete with assorted peppers, topped with Salsa. #Delicious!

Well, the other day, I get home and start getting the stuff together for my omelet. I open the freezer to grab the frozen pepper blend bag, and BAM!!

My sweet detector radar goes off! Why?  This....

What? Ice-cream! TWO 2 TWO CONTAINERS!?!?!?

The hubby brought home my weakness, my sweet indulgence, my Kryptonite! And so the inner war begins. I try to fight it and tell myself, "Oh, but the omelet is so tasty."

I fight it. I resist the urge to eat the ice-cream, but the evil side tells me, technically it IS your evening, so ice-cream is fine, and you've been doing so well, treat yourself, go ahead. This time, I won, I told the other side to shut up! I had the omelet. LOL!

The battle will continue. When I'm on a serious writing sprint, I have crazy-insane-high-sugar cravings! I've mentioned before I've tried keeping a bowl of fruit or veggies nearby when writing, so I would eat that instead, but it didn't work!

For some strange reason fruit and veggies gives me writer's block! As crazy as it sounds, it does. I can't write, the words don't flow. But give me a bag of Reese's cups, chips, Twizzlers, or a wad of bubblegum, and the words pour out!

Paging: Iyanla Vanzant, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Dr. Spock, and Dr. Seuss! Help!