Saturday, December 19, 2015

Anointed Touch Creations

I'm excited to blog about this new business! Let me tell you all about it. The name of the business is "Anointed Touch Creations". 

I've known the owner/creator of the business my entire life. She is my fabulous, creative, fashionista, party planner, interior designer, just anything artsy big sister, Michelle Clemons!   Here is a little bit about the business, which is located in Columbus, Ohio.

The place to get all your hearts indulgence of gourmet chocolate edibles and custom made baskets and candle holders. 

Anointed Creations is a business that specializes in...

  • ·         Luxurious Custom Made Baskets
  • ·         Dazzling Personalized Candle holders
  • ·         Succulent Mouthwatering Treats
  • ·         Bridal Showers and Weddings
  • ·         Birthday Parties
  • ·         Baptismal
    And so much more! 

    Here are some photos of her items...

These make great gifts for family & friends. Need a little extra touch in one of your rooms and can't quite find the right art piece with all the perfect colors. Michelle can help you with that. 

Not only are her pieces beautiful but the chocolate covered fruit and other items are DELICIOUS!!! 

Contact info:
Michelle Clemons

Phone: 614-230-7049