Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Teen Books...

Do you know any young readers ages 10 - 14 looking for a fun read?

How about purchasing a copy of GRAPE BUBBLEGUM for them.

It's also available in the following countries via Amazon: France, Italy, Japan, UK, Germany, Spain & India

From other countries you can purchase it from the Musa Publishing website 

When hair dye goes wrong, falsies escape during pep rallies, and friends turn to the dark side, Beatrice's 8th-grade year can only be saved by grape bubblegum kisses.

13-year-old Beatrice Peppercorn's heart's desires are to finish her final year in middle school, win the heart of her cutie pie crush and take home the trophy for the spelling competition. Simple, right? Not when Beatrice's arch nemesis gets in her way and a new kid arrives--turning her world upside down.


  1. You are right, Beth. This is a great book! I haven't finished reading it yet, but I can tell you: both of my girls would have loved it. They are past middle grade books, but this is certainly the type of book they would have gobbled down. The characters are fun, and the plot is kid-centric. Perfect middle grade. I will let you know when I'm finished. :)

    1. Thanks Linda! You're the BEST!!! :)