Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012!

Joy is here on Christmas morn,
because the infant Christ was born

My daughter recited that poem when she was three years old for our church’s Christmas pageant. Twenty-four years later, her reasons for joy and simple truth still hold true and resonate in my heart. 

I love the spirit of the Season. To notice someone watching Christmas lights, their face lit up with awe and wonder. The taste of peppermint mocha and smell of pumpkin spice always brighten a smile. It’s truly a time for sharing and caring with the reflections of seasons past and the start of new traditions.

A special time for friends and families to come together, adorn themselves in kooky, colorful, Christmas sweaters, and not so perfect pictures are taken. It’s a time when great cooks cook and not so great cooks receive cookbooks as gifts.

I wish you joy, peace, and happiness this holiday season. May love and laughter fill your house and the homes of those you love.

Merry Christmas!

Beth Bowland

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