Sunday, March 24, 2013

If I Had Wings, I'd Fly Away--part deux

Well, I've got that feeling again! If I had wings, I'd fly away--part deux (part one can be found here)

Oh, If I had wings, I'd fly away....far, far, FAR AWAY!
Away from the chaos & craziness of this world.
Away from the crazy people; the users, abusers, liars & thieves.
Away from the takers, self-centered, self-entitled & haughty.
Away from the negativity, sadness, & hatred.

I'd live on an island, preferably one with power so I could take my Kindle Fire with me :)
I'd loc my hair, become a vegan, & maybe learn yoga (hmm, okay maybe not yoga, and maybe not the vegan thing either LOL! but I'd definitely incorporate coconut water into my diet!

But alas, I have no wings to fly away,
so here I stay, til yonder come day...

Peace & Blessings!

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