Sunday, December 1, 2013

Year End Crunch... Make It Happen!

Well, it's the final month of the year. How are you doing with your goals? Have you completed them all?

I'm behind schedule. Darn my lofty goals! I'm trying to finish another manuscript and have a rough draft of the next by December 31st.

Oh, me, oh, my!

This year has flown by. Not sure if it's because I'm getting older or what...but time sure seems to pass quickly.

So back to those goals? It's now crunch time. Time to focus, focus, FOCUS!!! If not, you'll have to put them on next years calendar. We don't want that to happen. You want new stuff for the new year. Not any old cling-on items from the previous year!

 (and that would be cling-on and not Klingon)

What goals did you have written down in January? Pull out that list (dust it off) and read through it. Did you get any of them completed? If so, CELEBRATE!

If not. The next step is to put a plan together. Something you can stick with each day.

Who's with me? Time to press through and get er' done!

Time to make it happen!


  1. Yes, it's time to make it happen. Thanks for the reminder. I need to review my goals again (-:

    1. GO GO GO, Angela! You can do it!! :)