Saturday, March 8, 2014

Running, ASICS, & C25k Oh, yeah!

As part of my New Year's Resolution to shape up. I started running and I'm actually enjoying it!

The fresh air, hearing the sounds nature, and feeling totally geeked up afterward is all worth the pain! :)

I think the hardest part is just getting out of the house and getting started. Before every run, I think I've set a Guinness World Record for excuses.

It's too hot, it's too cold. It looks like it's going to rain, sleet, snow LOL and yes that's all possible with the recent weather events in Texas.

Zen Labs CK25I think I'm enjoying it because I eased myself into it this time around vs just running like a maniac as far as I could go until I collapsed.

I followed the C25k running program. It's a downloadable app for your phone. It starts you out really slow. 5 minute walk warmup, run for 60 seconds, walk for 90 seconds, repeat. It gradually increases each week.

It's really a cool little app. I think you can even change the voice that comes on and tells you when to walk and run. It even tells you when you're at the half-way mark and it allows you to listen to music. Like I said, it's a great program to get you out there running. I'm now following my own routine along with it.

Now, a moment of silence...

I've had to retire my old running sneakers...goodbye ASICS GT-2130...You've been great.

Hellooooo New & Shiny ASICS Nimbus-15 Gel.  Holy Cow! These sneakers are like running on a cloud. They're so comfy and I have a little spring in my step just walking around in them. I got them in my favorite color. Cool, huh? :)

I'm running for health & enjoyment, but I hope to enter a some sort of race 2015. But, uh, we will see LOL!



  1. I love the new shoes! Getting new workout gear is always a motivational tactic for me. I bet you feel like you're floating with those shoes. lol. It's amazing that we don't realize how worn out the old stuff is, until you get something new.
    Keep running (-:

  2. Thanks...I think I now need new workout clothes to match the shoes ;)