Sunday, April 15, 2012


Do you remember your dreams?

I've been thinking about a dream that I had a couple of weeks ago. In the dream I went into my purse and pulled out my wallet. (note--in real life I had a twenty dollar bill in my wallet) So, in my dream I looked in my wallet and pulled out the twenty dollar bill. Normal right? This is where it got weird. After I pulled out the twenty dollar bill, there was another twenty dollar bill. I pulled that one out and there was a fifty dollar bill and then several 100 dollar bills. I just kept reaching in and pulling out more money. It was like an endless supply. I went outside and everyone that I saw who had a financial need, I gave them money.  I would reach into the wallet and pull out money and give it to them. I just kept walking around and giving away money to people in need.

The dream was so real that when I woke up, I immediately went and looked into my wallet. The twenty dollar bill was there but when I pulled it out, that was it...the wallet was empty! LOL!!   I was so disappointed. Not sure what that dream means, but it was an awesome dream.

The following week I dreamt about an open door. (I've had several of these, over the past year, all different but all involving an open door) I was in a beautiful house on the beach and each morning that I'd wake up, the door would be open. I'd close it, but it'd pop open again. I called the maintenance guy and he changed the lock, but the next morning the door was open again. The maintenance guy came again and this time boarded up the door. But again, the next morning the door was open. Strangeness...

I know people who have dreams of falling, or having their teeth pulled out or being chased. I usually dream of being chased when I'm feeling stressed out and not sure how to resolve.

I find dreams interesting. I believe they have hold answers to problems, witty inventions, or can be prophetic. But most do not remember their dreams. I usually remember some of the dreams I have and I've found that if a dream stays with me, it's important and I'll write it down.

What about nightmares? I think I've only had 2 my entire life. But I read somewhere that certain medications or foods can trigger them. Or, I'm sure if you watch scary movies before bed you could have them. I don't watch scary movies for that reason and if I'm watching TV and a movie preview comes on for a scary movie, I'll change the channel or close my eyes LOL!!  Heck, I don't even read scary books!

Do you dream? If so, do you remember your dreams? Are your dreams in color or black and white?



  1. Beth, that first dream was so wonderful that it had me smiling. I believe that dreams are significant, especially when they are that vivid. I believe that something huge is about to happen in your life--a door is about to be opened that no man can close. Dream on, girl, and dream big!

  2. Woo Hoo!! *dancing & shouting around room* LOL!! thanks for your words...I will continue to dream BIG!!!