Sunday, April 29, 2012

Time Wasters...

Today, I would like to discuss--Time Wasters...

Yep, the things that you're doing, instead of doing what you're supposed to be doing.

When I'm not working my day job. I have what I call my 'writer time'. Nothing wrong with that. Just schedule some personal time and write. Well, it's not always quite that simple. Why?


This weekend I had the lofty goal of writing 5k words Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Ha!! That didn't happen! I got distracted by time wasters. The 2 majors ones are found on that wonderful thing called Facebook.

A couple of years ago, I started playing a game called Cafe World. Now, if you're not familiar with this major time waster I'll try and explain what it is. Cafe World is a colorful cooking game. You're the manager and chef of your own cafe. You have to continually cook food in order to keep your customers happy and fed. It's a simple little game, but oh so addicting. I'm not sure if it's the diverse menu, the sounds, bright colors.
 I was more concerned that I had enough food for my customers than making sure I was adding words to my manuscript. 
One day I just stopped playing it. Well, why, oh why did I start playing it again a few months ago. 

Ugh! I was once again hooked. This weekend I went cold turkey and deleted the app! Unfortunately, it wasn't the only game that invaded my personal time. There is another game called Gnome Town. In this game you just build houses and various buildings for the cute little gnomes, go on quests, clean up debris and get in food fights. Again, bright colors, fun sounds, and cute characters. This weekend, it suffered the same fate as Cafe World--DELETE, DELETE, DELETE!!!!!

I've taken control of my time and feeling much better AND more productive!

Funny how it's just the simplest things that snatch your precious time away from you. Crazy, unproductive things. Stuff that moves you away from your goals. You tell yourself oh, I'll just play for a few minutes to relax my mind from the crazy commute home. These little things may start off innocently, but before you know it, you've spent two hours on it and zero, zilch on your real assignment.

What are your time wasters? Games, TV, Telephone, Shopping, Puzzles, Lifetime Movies?....Naps?

Try and whittle down the list of items that you have on your list. Or, just go cold turkey! Just think of how productive you could be if you used that time towards your projects instead of time wasters :)



  1. I am just as guilty with the games as the next person, but it's life that takes up most of my time. Today I was at Lowes before they opened to get the supplies I needed to fix the screen porch, then went home and... fixed the screen porch. Then I washed the dog, made pork chops with rice and gravy, pasta salad, did some laundry, ran to Target..........

  2. Yum! that dinner sounds delicious!!! :)

  3. Ah, Facebook. I remember that old time-waster. (Now I'm on Blogger. LOL) But I schedule my Blogger time rather than just hanging out here indiscriminately. :)

  4. You're right, those little games can be so addictive and before you know it so much time has slipped through your fingers! Good for you deleting them, it's not easy to do! :)