Sunday, May 6, 2012

Judging People...

This afternoon I sat down on the couch next to my husband, enjoying a delicious meal that he had prepared. He was watching a movie, so I started watching it with him. But the movie was probably halfway through when I started watching.

I sat there trying to figure out why this character was behaving in that manner. Why he seemed to care so much about certain things so strongly. Why he reacted the way he did to certain situations. After watching I realized the reasons that I came up with were totally wrong.

I'd judged him solely based on watching a portion of his life.

I find that we do this in real life. We judge people based on a portion of their life. We can sometimes think we know someone really well just by what we've witness while being with them during work hours. Going out to dinner with them from time to time. We judge people by where they live, what they wear, and drive. We think people are unable to relate to us based on where they live, what they wear and drive. 

 The truth is, we don't know the full story. You could work with someone for 20 years, been raised up in the same household, or even married to them and still not fully know them. I've learned through life experiences people will show and tell you only what they want you to know. Even if you think they're telling you every detail about them, or what they've been through. It's never the full story.


Because we judge, and sometimes harshly.  Even in churches people are not honest about their struggles, leadership included. Why? Because they're afraid of being judged unfairly. But sadly,  if they hear of your struggles, these are some of the very people that will judge you unfairly.

We should all take a good look at ourselves in the mirror and take inventory of our own struggles and issues. Yeah, I know as quiet as it is kept, you want people to think you have no struggles or issues. But you can at least be honest with yourself and admit that you're a mess!

What if people could hear your inner thoughts? Would what you're thinking match the image you're projecting? Hmmmm....

Don't be so quick to judge people based on a snippet of their life. God is still working on them, just as He's still working on you. Just like in the movie that I was watching, and in my own mind came up with the reasons that I thought was wrong with him and I was dead wrong. Sometimes you just gotta re-wind to the beginning to see how it started out, what were the events that happened at the beginning. The things that formed and shaped them up to this point.

Then you still shouldn't judge, cause you don't know how it will end. It may all turn around for the good! Besides, no one should have time to pick apart and judge someone else's life, because you have enough stuff going on in your own life to fix. That alone should keep you plenty busy.



  1. Hi Beth, these are words to ponder! Not one of us are in a position to judge another. Scripture says we should de doers of the word not just hearers. If all do this, then they will know the Lord is the Judge and not us! Thanks for your inspirational insight! Luv

  2. Great post, Beth. Straightforward and honest. :)