Sunday, February 3, 2013

INSANITY workout & Crazy TV Shows part deux

Happy February! Long time no see. I've been missing for a minute. Let's see..I started the new year out with a bang, then I was knocked out by that nasty flu bug that went around.

I'm now feeling better and I'm back in action!  Decided to start the INSANITY workout program (yes, again LOL) I tried it before and only made it through the first 5 weeks.

This time I'm determined to do the entire 60 days. At least try :)

So, I've made it through the first week of INSANITY. It went as well as expected. It kicked my butt the first couple of days, could barely walk, but felt great. Tomorrow, I start week 2.  I will keep you posted :)

While bedridden with the flu, I did a lot of channel surfing and found more crazy TV shows.

HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO - What an interesting family from rural Georgia. The star of this show started out on Toddlers & Tiara's and drinking her infamous Go Go Juice (Red Bull & Mountain Dew) This kid is like 6 years old?!?! and drinking that combo. Wow! She's a funny little kid and may grow up to become a famous comedic actress.

AMISH MAFIA - I just had to watch this after seeing the title! Yes, an Amish Mafia does exist. Who knew? Levi and his crew protect their Amish community by any means necessary. *shivers* Levi, is like the Marlon Brando in the movie The Godfather, minus the chubby cheeks.

BEST FUNERAL EVER - This show based in Dallas Texas follows a funeral home. This funeral director puts together over the top funerals for the families. One funeral had a Santa sleigh going down the church aisle and real live reindeer?!?!

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