Sunday, February 17, 2013

Letter Writing & An Interview...

Guess what? .....I had my first blog interview!
My interviewer is a smart, driven, sweet 11 year old angel named Gaea. To read, click on the below link.. Maybe you'll learn a little something new about me :)

-->Writer Interview Link<--
Also, keep an eye on her blog. She will have lots more author interviews in the future.

A couple of days ago, I sat down and wrote one my dearest long time friends a letter. I would've loved to have handwritten it, but uh, she probably couldn't read it. (Yes, I have the worst penmanship ever!) But as I was typing my letter. It made me think about the art of letter writing and has letter writing gone by the wayside? Is it considered old-fashioned.

Do you still hand write letters, on fancy papers and actually send through the postal service?

I don't for some reason. But I felt the letter for my friend was very personal and no way could've been an email.

These days, the majority of communication is done through email, or text messaging. Even when applying for jobs, everything is online. I'm not sure cover letters even exist anymore. 

Did you know that there was an official letter writing week? Yep!

National Write a Letter of Appreciation Week - March 1st - 7th, 2013 - The first week in March is dedicated to that delicate art form of the letter of appreciation. Handwrite a note on your stationery and let someone know how much you appreciate their gift, their advice, or their friendship

Here is your chance to revive the art of letter writing. Dust off that address book, pull out that pretty stationary with matching envelopes and write. It could be a family member, friend or you could write to that very special someone and  finish the letter with a dash of cologne, or leave kiss print. (Remember those type of letters, so romantic LOL!!)

I'm sure the the recipient of the letter will be extremely surprised and happy.



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