Friday, June 29, 2018

Stopped dyeing my hair and started WW3! #grayhairdontcare

Hair Color.

Oprah called it the greatest cosmetic invention of the 20th century. I love hair color. My hair has been several different shades over the years. Then I got tired of it and stopped. Who knew such a small concoction could cause such strong reactions from people.😥

Back in March near my birthday, I decided to change my hair. I went for the big change and did a BIG CHOP! It all had to go. I loved it! It was also the last time I dyed my hair. (It was actually my 2nd big chop, my first being back in 2008 when I stopped relaxing my hair and went natural.)

I spotted my first gray hair in my mid twenties and like most people I was shocked. I quickly plucked it out. How dare that gray hair show up on my head. Not only did it come back but brought a few of her cousins. 😲

In my thirties, I had a white patch growing in near the front. I promise it grew in over night. I blame my daughter for this. I've heard that having a traumatic experience can cause gray patches to appear overnite. My experience was her first time behind the wheel of the car learning how to drive. The next day, the white patch was there! Of course she would say her driving was just fine and deny it. I stand by my memory. 😄

I handled the white patch the same way as I'd handled its little cousins spread throughout my hair. I covered it up with hair dye and continued this ritual for years. Well, one day, I was just tired of it and just decided to stop. With my hair now being so short, those gray roots show up fast. I thought my little white patch aka Cruella de Vil, or skunk patch was kinda cool and watched it grow. It started moreso on the sides, but its on top, still a bit covered by the old hair color. It's kind of freeing as well. No more, "Oh, no, I have to attend an event, gotta cover my roots!" "I've got to take pictures, gotta cover my roots!"

I'm a march to my own beat, follow my own path, color outside the lines kind of person, so I was okay with it. I'm comfortable with my age. I feel great, love life, thankful for my health. I'm good. It was a personal decision. I never told anyone to stop coloring their hair. It was just for me. It was time for me to stop coloring my hair.

Well, I was really surprised to hear comments about embracing your gray. Some were STRONGLY against it and some were for it. I asked my husband, he was supportive and really didn't care either way 😍. My daughter and very close friends were bombarded with pictures of the process (I promise no more pictures. 😊)

I found out that gray hair was a very sensitive subject amongst women of a certain age. 😎 I say do whatever you what with your hair, dye it, fry it, wig it, weave it, or shave it. Just be you!

What say ye?