Saturday, June 9, 2018

Evil Lies - Suicide

That evil demon has snatched up two more lives this week. Two celebrities have committed suicide. However, there are countless others who have taken their lives and we will never know their names.

My heart goes out to the many families struggling with the aftermath of this demon. Some state it's related to mental illness, but not always. I’m going to call it what it really is, a demon.  

It whispers in your ear that you are not valuable and no one cares. It watches you throughout your day and waits until you’re at a vulnerable moment or when you think you’ve failed at something and pounces with its most famous words, “I told you so.”

Like a mosquito it just continually buzzes around your head whispering its lies. You’re not wanted. You’re no good. This world would be better without you. You’re a burden. You’re a failure. No one loves you. You have no value. You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.

                                LIES! LIES! LIES! LIES!

There is someone right now watching you, wishing they had what you have, and wishing they could do what you do. Wishing they had your talent, your love, your job, your family, your life. There is someone right now watching you with admiration and are inspired by you. You are valuable. This world needs you.

If you find yourself in this place of darkness, please know there are people that are more than willing to listen and to help you. Please don't give up! 💕  (Psalm 34)


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