Friday, October 12, 2012

3eighty5 (repost)

This morning I decided to go for nice jog + walk = joalk?  Anywhoo, I chose a 5 mile route and I thought it was early enough where I wouldn't get caught in the Texas heat. So, I didn't take a bottle of water with me..I thought...oh, I'll be ok. Well, I was wrongo! about half of this route you're facing the sun and I felt my energy slowly draining from my body. The last 2 miles I was REALLY thirsty and there was NO WAY I was going to make it home. I had my cell phone in my pocket and I thought of calling my husband to pick me up..LOL yeah, right..I'd nevah hear the end of that...then I thought how I was never going to get there, I may fall over in a ditch, if a dog came after me, he'd catch me and rip me to shreds, started hallucinating and saw a sno-cone stand, wondered about the statistics of how many people passed out during a joalk and how this was the longest, hardest trek back home. Well, while I was deep in thought contemplating how I was going to quit, I looked up and I was back at my street!

This scenario can be used on any goal that you're trying to may seem hard and that you're never going to get there. But, if you just keep moving, pressing forward, no matter how tough it is. You'll get there. If only just slow baby steps, but at least you're still moving forward.

My brother, a former marathoner, told me that after running 26 miles its that final 385 yards that are a killer. The end is in sight, but it takes everything you have not only physically but mentally to finish it out.

I know that you're tired, but keep pressing forward. You've come too far to stop or turn back.  Look up! You're at the 3eighty5 !!!


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  1. haha I was expecting this ending with you sitting in someones yard under a tree and Phil driving down the street to pick you up! Very true! Just keep pressing forward, whether quickly or a slow step at a time. Just MOVE!