Sunday, October 14, 2012

How Am I Driving 1-800-WhoCares...

I think there is a connection between your personality type and the way you drive.

I'm not absolutely positive about this nor have I read scientific data to prove this. But I'm going to share my thoughts.

Some of you may recognize Mr. Magoo, he's from an old cartoon that aired years ago. Mr. Magoo was the absolute worst driver. He had horrible eyesight, drove on the wrong side of the road, cursed at slow moving drivers and often ran off the road. Hmm, he's gotta be from Texas :)

The Daredevil: This past weekend, while driving home I blared my horn at a crazy driver. He crossed in front of me while trying to make a right hand turn from the left hand lane?!?! It was a 3 lane road. He was in the far left lane. I guess he realized he needed to make a right turn at the next street, but instead of putting on his blinker and getting over, he speeds up and made the broad turn from his lane, crossing over the other two. I saw him, but the driver to my right, just barely missed running into him. Then he had the audacity to get mad at us for blowing at him?

Personality Type: Serious risk taker, acts before thinking, probably climbs ladders before checking to make sure they're balanced and secure and then wonders why they fell.

The Zipper: You see this person a lot. While driving he weaves in and out of traffic, passing you at breakneck speed trying to get ahead of you and everyone else, only to find himself sitting next to you at the next red light.

Personality Type:  Has zero patience, only eats microwavable food--no time to cook anything. Only watches TV shows that he has pre-recorded so he can zip through it. Can't understand why you're unable to commit to them after the first date. Never reads the instructions/directions before starting anything.

The SlowPoke:  Ah, the slowpoke driver. Very seldom goes over the speed limit, regardless of what the current flow of traffic may be going. Stays in the fast lane going at least 10-15mph slower than everyone else and refuses to move over, despite being flashed repeatedly with high beams by the drivers stuck behind him.

Personality Type:  Takes a very long time for this person to tell you anything because he speaks slllowwwlyyyy, while taking frequent pauses to think more about what he's going to say to you slowly. Takes forever to finish a job assignment or complete tasks. This person takes forever to commit to anything including relationships.

The Tailgater: This is the worst of all! This person rides your bumper while driving, even in the slow lane. Instead of passing you he just stays on your bumper. If you're in traffic this person never allows more than a few inches between his front bumper and your rear bumper. At a traffic light, if you move up an inch, they will move up an inch. Must always be very close to you in all types of traffic.

Personality Type: The person is definitely a cling-on, very clingy, unable to give you any personal space. This person must be around you at all times. They will call you and leave a voice mail message and before you have a chance to retrieve it they will call again, and again, and again! They must be near you. If standing in line at the check out lane, they're directly behind. If you're sitting on bench, they're sitting very close to you. If in an office with several open chairs, they will pick the one right next to you.

So, there you have it. The next time you want to get involved with someone or want to know more about them. Just go for a ride!!


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