Saturday, January 14, 2012

Guest Blogger - Joy West

Our guest blogger today is none other than the Fabtabulous Joy West. My bff since we were knee high to a grasshopper.  Not only is she a professional baker, but also a globetrotting fashionista! Can't you just hear Chaka Khan singing "I'm Every Woman" it's her theme song!!

She's also a new blogger.

You can follow her @  or   @JWestPastries on Twitter  If you're in the Columbus Ohio area, ask her to whip up some of her sweets.

I guarantee you'll be hooked!! These are a few of her creations.   Enjoy her blog!!

I've never really been a long distance driver. Two hours of driving, ok, I can do it but I'm going to get a little antsy. Three hours? Ooooh that's pushing it, I'm not feeling too comfortable now. Go around me! Drive faster (uhm that's the speed limit, some folks won’t drive the speed limit, yeah, that's what I mean)! Get outta the WAY! WHY are you DRIVING in the PASSING lane!?!? Hell-LOOOO it's called the "passing lane" for a reason! Please get out of the way!! Oh, people can be so mean when they drive. Oh wait...those are things that I say...oops. I'm getting better though, don't judge me.

I have good reason to not enjoy driving. I drive an hour to work and an hour home. Oh, but please, don't let there be an accident. That hour can turn into infinity. Why is it that so many semi trucks are overturning? Every week you can count on hearing 71S is closed - overturned semi. 270W has a detour to 315S overturned semi. Bethel Road exit is closed at 315S due to overturned semi. What the heck!?!? People, people! Slow it down, pay attention, stop texting while driving, putting on that makeup! I see ya! But most of all, don't drive in that passing lane! Move it over buddy!

I'm really starting to not like driving. It's a great, awesome thing to be able to drive and have your own car so don't get me wrong. It's just that I don't enjoy it as much as I did when I was a teenager LOL! Now I want to be driven, like Miss Daisy...Driving Miss Joy. Ooooh I like the sound of that! Let me add that to my bucket list *I will have a personal chauffeur*, check! Ok back to the matter at hand, me and driving. Now some people like to listen to audio books while driving. I did that once and you know it was actually very nice. I have a few french lessons on cd that I may listen to from time to time. I haven’t memorized a lick. Everyone puts on their own concert while driving...alone. Honey, I can hang and sing with the best of them! "Love on Top" phew!! I am singing that with all I've got to MY my car...alone...and it sure sounds GOOD!

Speaking of music, one night driving home I decided to do a little channel surfing. Talk radio, I do enjoy NPR, wonderful station but I don’t want to listen to that. It’s late and that will make me drowsy.

Next stop, Rihanna's We Found Love in a Hopeless Place, I've ruined that song because I changed the words to a song from Tommy Boy, "fat guy in a little coat" don't you think her song sounds like Chris Farley singing that in Tommy Boy? LOL! Oh, well, I think they sound the same.

Next "I'm as free as a bird now..." hmmm let's keep it right here...Lynyrd Skynyrd...okay, I can get with this. Next thing I know "I thought I was in a movie driving down the highway all alone windows down, not a cop in sight, not a care in the world. Deer grazing through the meadow, grass hawks flying up above, kitties romping along the rolling brook. LIFE IS GREAT!!!" I was transformed to another place! What just happened?!? Who did I become!?!? Who was just driving Miss Joy!?!? Was it all that twinging and twanging of the speedy guitar?? Was it the beat?? WHAT IS IT!?!?! By the time the song was over (and it's NOT a short song) I was tired! I wanted to ask "was that as good for you as it was for me?" What a thrill! Ooooooh Free Bird is my official "help me make it down this long distance" driving song!!

So I say all of that to say life is a ride, stay in your lane, listen to what pumps your heart and you'll arrive at your destination happy as a free bird.


  1. i can relate to your blog! i,too, drive an hour to and from work...but i guess as i get older - oh wait, i mean as it gets darker - i tend to go slower or talking on the phone does make the journey quicker! love it and thanks for blogging and making us smile! keep it up! i like the song free bird too....

  2. My journey is a bit different. I commute to and from the city by train every day, much like you, taking an hour to get there. I find the journey interesting. Sometimes I'll read, sometimes write, and sometimes play games, listen to music or complete a Sudoku puzzle. What's guaranteed is every day is a different journey with different adventures! Thanks so much for the words!