Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Dreadful Speakerphone...

Today, let's talk about speakerphones. I hate speakerphones and wish they were never invented!!

I think there should be some sort of  mandatory class on speakerphone etiquette. Over the years I've heard some things that I really should not have heard.

People, let's discuss rules.
1) ALWAYS let the person on speakerphone, know that you have them on loudspeaker. It's best to do this right at the beginning of the conversation and ask them if this is okay.

2) Only use the speakerphone if a) you are in an office with the door closed or b) more than 1 person sitting with you needs to hear the conversation, and that is only after you have disclosed #1.

3) Even if you have your office door closed. Turn down the speakerphone volume. Your office is not sound proof.  People sitting outside your office may not hear your voice, but can very clearly hear the person on the loudspeaker.

Now, let's discuss a few scenarios that I've experienced.

**DISCLAIMER--names have been changed or not mentioned to protect the guilty**

The phone rings Person A answers said call by pressing the speakerphone button. "Hey, wassup."

Person B,  didn't know she is on speakerphone, begins to give a candid review of Person A's bedroom performance. It was not a very good grade.

The phone rings Person A answers said call by pressing the speakerphone button. "Hey, wassup."

Person B, does not know he is on speakerphone, begins to tell Person A that they have not had bowel movement in a week.

 Or, even outside the office. Why would you use the speakerphone feature on your cell while standing in line at the grocery store, on an elevator, or on a bus.  No, I don't want to hear you fighting with your boyfriend about stuff that is NONE of my business. Why he never buys you anything, you hate your in-laws, you have gas, the stains you found on your hotel sheets, you hate his friends, your wife is a terrible cook. Well, now everyone knows because they probably had you on speakerphone.

Oh, and while we're talking about phone-challenged people. Here's something else to put in your ditty bag. If you have to cough, never do it directly into the phone, turn your head.

If you're eating something, please realize that on my end you sound like a 500lb gorilla. If you must snort your nose, please cover the handset.

Okay, well, I think that just about sums it all up. LOL!  Any speakerphone issues you'd like to discuss?

 Enjoy your day!



  1. Hi, Beth, love the little doggie. I too think it's weird to put people on speaker phone without telling them, especially when it's a personal call. Dunno why anyone would want to have a personal conversation on speaker phone though.

  2. thanks for stopping by J.L!! :)