Sunday, March 11, 2012


This is my dog Rocky. Weighing in at a sturdy, rock-solid 4lbs. He goes outside throughout the day, minding his business, while he handles his business.  However, lately, not sure about where you live, but here in Texas, we're currently under attack by ginormous mooosquitos!!

Okay, technically it's not a mosquito but a crane fly. But in my mind they're giant-monster mosquito's. It's only March and these things are everywhere. Ugh! (I'm afraid of all creepy crawler types)

My poor dog, looks at the monster, then looks at me, looks at the monster, looks at me. He probably thinks these things will attack him. I try to assure him they will not, and to hurry up and finish what he needs to do, moreso cuz momma's scared of them!

Whether they're crane flies, finances, sickness, or goals. They can appear as giants to you, something to  make you fearful and we all know that---

F.E.A.R = False, Evidence, Appearing, Real. 

At times when you look at certain things in your life, it seems too big, a giant, that cannot be conquered. But it's all about perception and you really have to take time and put your 'giant' into perspective. Put the fear aside and look at "it" from a realistic point of view. You may just realize it's not so big after all and you can just stomp on it!

 VoilĂ ...giant squished-problem solved.

What giants are in your life, house, yard, school, or work that you're afraid of? What's keeping you from pursuing your goals?  I've always heard that the fear of failure is a major hindrance in peoples lives. However, did you know that the 'Fear of Success' is also a major issue for some?

“Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain” Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. I have to say, mosquitoes and I do NOT get along! Luckily, I live in Canada where those little insects show up sometime near late spring--thank goodness for that! Now, last summer, during the family vacation, they ate me alive! Augh, I'm still trying to understand their purpose on this earth. Deet is my friend! :D

  2. Mosquitoes actually have 47 "teeth" so this freaks me out.

    The are not really called teeth, but incisors or something more technical.

    They are teeth...

  3. Aloha Beth,

    Thanks for the follow and am doing the same :)

    Have to say your post hit home because I *have* felt the fear of success... indeed I spent thirty-three of my forty-two years denying I was a writer.

    I'm better now. :)