Sunday, March 25, 2012


Where do you get your ideas for your stories? I get this question often. It's a great question, but I never seem to have a solid answer.

The truth is, it varies.  My current manuscript that I'm working on popped into my head, while flipping through a Christmas card magazine. I saw this picture of an old, snow covered house. For some reason, I just couldn't seem to shake this image. It was stuck in my head. I tried to flip the page and continue looking at the other cards, but I just kept flipping back to the page with this picture. Finally, I cut it out and placed it into a folder.
Most people would look at the picture and think, oh, that's a nice old country farm house. The house looks warm and inviting. It would maybe bring up images from spending Christmas at a relatives house, one who may have lived in the country.

But for me, as a writer. I didn't just see just a house. A movie reel started up in my brain and I saw the intro.... A boy walking down a dark road, in the snow, heading towards this house. However, this was no ordinary boy. He was from another dimension, on a mission and would soon turn this town upside down. Forever changing the lives of people that lived there.

I love writing. I love the whole creative process. I get ideas from driving down the street, people watching, news, magazines, & dreams. I always have the "What If?,,," on my mind.

Publication is a great thing. But even if NYC never grabs one of my manuscripts. I'd still write. Why? Because it's just in me to do. I enjoy it. Even the times I'd gotten so frustrated and quit, it didn't last. I was back at it again. I know several people who for whatever reason cannot understand why someone would sit at computer and type for hours at a time. Writing is not for everyone. Although, I do believe that everyone has at least 1 book in them to write. It's the actual sitting down and writing that stops so many people. And sometimes you just need a push to get started. I'm thankful, that my daughter pushed me to finally start, after putting it off for years.

I, on the other hand can't understand how someone can watch TV for hours at a time. Day in and day out, one talk show after another. One prime-time show, after another. Gah!! It'd drive me crazy!  (Well, unless it's HGTV's House Hunters...I could watch that all day long LOL!! )

So, where do you get your creative ideas? Where do you find your inspiration?


  1. I am a total people watcher. And as I do that, I also listen--not in a gossipy kind of way, just a curious kind of way. People are so interesting. None of my stories are based on anything particular I've heard or seen, but they bring ideas and enhance my characters.

  2. I love people watching, you just never know what you will see or hear :)

    Thanks for stopping by, Barbara!

  3. Like you, I get my ideas from all over the place. Watching people, a random comment, news articles, even other books or movies. I'm with you-- even if I never get published, writing is just a part of me, even down to generating ideas.

  4. I like your thought on how you will write no matter if you get published or not.

    As a musician, the most copies of any album I recorded and sold had to number 500 at the most. I still play and always will. I like to create. Same with my writing.

  5. @Shallee, I love your name! :) I can honestly say I've never heard it before!

  6. Hi Michael! That's awesome! I think the meaning of success is different for everyone. Just having actually recorded an album is huge! Congrats to you!

  7. I get ideas about characters by observing some people, but I get ideas to write stories mainly when I'm by myself--driving, washing dishes, taking a shower.

  8. I usually get my inspiration from my life.