Monday, March 5, 2012

One of those days...

Ever wake up late, and just know that it was going to be one of those days...
You wake up late, can't find your car keys, you've lost your purse, the dog won't go into his gated area, the dog throws up, you clean it up, and he still won't go into his gated area. You finally make it out the door, and realize your tank is on "E". You stop, fill up with gas, and finally get on the expressway and you see nothing but brake lights.

You turn on the radio and listen to the traffic report and you're told, they're shutting down the expressway to clean up a spill.

You finally make it to work and you realize one of your shoes feels odd. At that point you realize that you have on two different shoes,  one brown ankle boot and one black ankle boot (Yes, this really happened to me) You call work and tell them you're going to be super late and return home to change your shoes.
What do you do?
A) Get angry, start yelling at the first person that crosses your path?
B) Take it all out on everyone in the office the rest of the day?
C) Buy the family size Nutter Butter bar package, a dozen Krispey Kremes and a diet coke.
D) Laugh it off?

Wow, "C" really at times could be the correct answer. But the correct answer is "D"  Just laugh it all off. You made it to work safely, and it could've been much, much, MUCH worse. 

When you're upset, frustrated and mad at the world and just wanna go off on everyone, take a deep breath, count to 10 and ask yourself. Is it really that serious?

Nope! it's not.



  1. Thanks for the reminder that even rough days can be laughed off! I always try to count my blessings when I have a bad day, to remember all the good things that are happening, too.

  2. Wow, you really needed a hug after all that. :) And I would totally do "C". But I'm glad you choose "D".

    It can be so easy to blow up at someone else when you're having a bad day -- but it only causes more drama.