Sunday, August 26, 2012

Power Walking...The Fat Blaster!

Today I want to discuss my new found love for power walking. I sorta touched on it [here] on a previous blog post. Well, I did a little research on power walking and who knew it could be such a fat blaster?

I used to enjoy jogging, but my right knee has kindly let me know, it would no longer participate in that activity. And if I should ignore his words, it would not be a pleasant experience :)

I'd been doing pretty good with my workouts lately. Well, I should say, I've been consistent with them. In the past it's a hit or miss situation. I'd workout for a week, quit for a week, repeat.  I've been getting up every morning at 4:30am (Mon-Fri) and putting in some type of workout DVD. Three days of cardio and two days of weight training. It was going well and I've noticed a difference. 

However, it wasn't until I re-vamped my workout days, and added in power walking on the weekends that I've noticed a major difference. Okay, now lets's discuss power walking. It's not the normal stroll that you see people doing most of the time. For it to really be effective: 

  • Bend your arms slightly (90 degree angle)
  • As you're walking swing your arms front to back. Keep your elbows in.
  • Keep your abs and butt tight.
  • Take short quick steps.
  • Focus on landing on your heels and pushing off your toes.
At first, it's an awkward movement and you will look funny doing it. But it works!  The key is to focus on building up your speed 3.5mph - 5.0mph. You're moving quickly, and if you follow the above bullet points, it's an all over workout. You will feel it especially in your legs, butt, and abdominal muscles. Your midsection will tighten and shrink.

Oh, and another helpful hint. My friend told me about listening to techno music (stop laughing), who knew?!?!  I now pull up the "Electronic/Techno" music channel on my phone and that fast beat is the perfect pacesetter for your stride.

Are you currently a power walker? Hate it or Love it?

It's also an Olympic Sport [Race Walk]  Hmm, maybe I'll be ready to compete in Rio 2016?

Who's with me?  LOL!


  1. I'll have to try powerwalking. I jog, but I've noticed that walking actually seems more like a full-body workout than running.

  2. Yes Linda! you've got to try it...You will be hooked :)