Sunday, August 19, 2012

Scary Stuff...

It's no secret that I don't do scary stuff. Meaning, I don't watch scary movies, visit haunted houses, or read scary books. Heck, I don't even like scary music LOL! So, if a book or movie is about vampires, demons, or werewolves. I've not read the book or watched the movie.

They have a show on TV called Ghost Hunters or some variation of that. It's when modern day ghost hunters visit known haunted places or where paranormal activity has been found. I watched about 5 minutes of it, and of course they're using night view cameras so everything has that eerie green light. They hear something and start screaming, the camera starts shaking and I turn the channel. Yep, that's about all I needed. I think I turned it to the cartoon channel to clear my mind.

Do you believe in ghosts? I've never seen any dead people walking around my house or popping up in my mirrors.  Oh, I wouldn't like that at all, and it would most likely make me angry. I'd go find it and demand that it leaves, cause it has no right here. And if it wants to stay it'd better have a job! LOL!!

I did have one incident, though, I'm not sure you would call it paranormal. It happened during a time when I was experiencing severe insomnia. My doctor prescribed me a product called Lunesta. Whoa!! I'd heard that one of the side effects was hallucinating. Well, I woke up and saw the Stay Puff Marshmallow man, remember him from Ghost Busters. He came in right through my wall and smiled at me. He stayed for several minutes. I just stared at him and he just kept grinning at me!

If  I'm watching TV and a movie preview comes on and it's a scary movie. I will usually change the channel. However, sometimes they sneak them in on you. While watching TV, a movie commercial came on, and from what I remember it started out okay or maybe I wasn't paying attention to it. I think the name of the movie was Possession? or something weird like that. But there was a scene when a Dr was looking down the girl's throat and some fingers came out. ACCKKK! TURN THE CHANNEL!!! TURN THE CHANNEL!!!  Who could sit and watch a movie like that. 

Remember that old movie "The Exorcist" it was made back in the 70's. Well, I've never watched the movie, but once when I was younger (probably middle school) It came on TV. I decided that I was going to be brave and watch it. It was already on so I turned to the channel and just my luck, it was the scene when the girl's head spins around and she doing the whole projectile vomiting thing. Yuck! That image is still etched in my brain after all these years.  

Okay, I did watch Poltergeist, BUT even though they were not comedies, they made me laugh! Especially in #2 when Rev Henry Kane was introduced...He was creepy-funny!

Do you watch scary movies? read scary books? Have you ever seen a ghost or something unexplained in your house?


  1. I don't watch scary movies (anymore), Beth. I did when I was a teen...before I realized that sitting there allowing myself to be scared half-to-death was a choice. :)

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