Sunday, July 22, 2012

Are you nosey?

Are you nosey?  Well, now before you answer 'no' too quickly, let's talk about it. LOL!!

I can be nosey. But, it's usually when I'm at home. If I hear strange noises, loud noses, strange voices or sirens. I'm peeking out my window to see what's going on. My husband calls me Mrs. Kravitz LOL!

Do you remember the nosey neighbor Mrs. Kravitz from the show Bewitched? She was ALWAYS peeking out her window at Samantha then hollering "Abner, come quick!"

I think most people are nosey, when it comes to their homes and whats going on around it.  Or, if they're out somewhere and notice something strange going on, you will want to find out what it is. However, there is that 'other' nosey that drives me crazy.

There are people in this world that are just SO nosey, it's beyond ridiculous. Always asking inappropriate or personal questions, listening to your telephone calls, standing around corners eavesdropping in your conversations, it's just pathetic. In some situations you can't help but overhear conversations, but you don't have to comment on it or add your two cents/opinion on what you 'think' the conversation was about. Or worse, you go and gossip about what you heard.

There are also the really bold ones who will ask you to repeat what you said, or wait until you're off the phone and ask who you were talking to, what did you mean when you said that, or what the other person answered.

Where are you going? Where have you been? What did you buy?  Who did you meet? How much did you pay for that? Is that new? How much do you make? Where did you get that? What did you say? What did they say? What did you say, after they said that? LOL!! The appropriate answer you should give is...

NONYA!! = None Of Your Business.

Yes, that's right! It's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

Now, be gone, nosey-posey, go away, stop being nosey, get a life, read a book, hugs & kisses, be blessed, best regards, see ya later & may the force be with you :)



  1. Oh this is too too funny! However, it couldn't be more truthful! I was just thinking about writing a post on this subject, but will have to wait now! To put it as my Grandma did, "some folks' have the nerve of a brass ass monkey!" Pardon my french...Lol! Nothing is your own around some, and talk about nervy...
    Great post Beth! Wishing you a Great Sunday!

  2. LOL I like your grandma!! You should still write the post. Maybe its a high alert on nosey people right now :)

  3. Funny post, Beth. I am definitely nosey. But I am not the "ask questions" kind of nosey; I'm the "spy" kind of nosey. :)