Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's about that time... Olympics 2012!

 It's getting close to that time again! The Olympics!! This year the games will be held in London. Such an exciting time. I've been watching the Olympics Trials on TV.  Yep, I just sit back on the couch, eating chips, cookies, candy, celery, carrots & broccoli, and watch these young kids, who have been training for years for this moment, give it their all.

I would love to attend the Olympics in person. The closest I've been was in 1984 in San Diego, CA. I was able to watch one of the torch carriers run by on their way to Los Angeles.

The Olympics is the ONLY time that I'm highly interested in watching all the events. Especially the ones that I wouldn't normally watch, such as--synchronized swimming, water polo, and weightlifting. And who knew badminton could be SO competitive?!?!
It's just fascinating to watch them go at it! I actually cheer them on!  I always watch, swimming, diving and rowing.  Michael Phelps & Ryan Lochte are sure to bring the excitment.

However, my favorites are gymnastics and track & field. I'm pretty much glued to the TV when either of these events are on.   I'm just rooting for Gabby Douglas, she's just a little doll. I hope she does well. Sprinters Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake will be interesting to watch. I'm rooting for Bolt, but you never know, there could be lots of upsets.
But in the end, it shows discipline, dedication, and preparation. What is your favorite Olympic sport?



  1. My daughter and I watched the gymnastic trials last night! LOVE the Summer Olympics!

  2. Hi Barbara! It was an exciting competition. I can't. Remember her name but she had the bad knee. When she feel off the bars i screamed. Those girls do a lot of damage to their bodies. Ack!

  3. We've been watching the trials at home too. In 1984, when I was still a teenager (barely), I was lucky enough to attend a few events -- cycling, team handball (?) and volleyball. I'll never forget the Olympics in Los Angeles. The freeways were practically empty! It was wonderful. Everyone came together.

    Looking forward to London!

  4. I like watching gymnastics and fencing. Love your post and photos!!