Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wild & Crazy TV Shows...

Where, oh where, shall I start this topic. I will call this blog: Wild & Crazy TV shows. Let's discuss a few of them.

First up. Call of The Wild Man aka Turtle Man--Live Action {insert his signature yodel here...}

This guy is so funny. He's just a backwoods, country, likeable fella that loves catching turtles. Well, not just turtles, but any type of critter you need to have captured.  The highlight of this show, is hearing his signature yodel he does after each capture and finding out what his payment will be for his services. This can range from a canned beans, jars of honey or an apple pie. LOL!!

Next up: WIPE OUT
This is a guilty pleasure. It's a game show competition where crazy adventurous people run through outrageous obstacle courses to win the title of Wipe Out champion and $50,000. These people are pummeled by giant rubber balls, smacked,  and tossed around like rag dolls.
I laugh at these guys & gals as they're going through the course, but there are times I just wince. Some of those falls and smacks look very painful. Plus, they add funny sounds in the background while it's happening and the commentators add in their wise cracks.

Last up: My Strange Addiction
Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse... They have found people with even stranger addictions. 
This show is like watching a train wreck. Once you start watching, it's hard to turn away. They had a guy who had a serious love affair going on with his--car?!?! He'd caress it, kiss on it, and say lovey-dovey things to it.   Then there was the chick who drank nail polish?!!? The girl who couldn't stop eating clear adhesive tape (yes, the stuff you use the wrap presents) She had stashes everywhere, and just tears off pieces and eats them like chewing gum. 

What's up with people eating dryer sheets, dry wall, and cat treats. How does one go about getting hooked on this stuff. I've used thousands of dryer sheets while doing laundry and not once did I ever say to  myself. "Mmm, I betcha this would taste good." or "Hmm, I think I'll have a nibble of drywall after lunch." or maybe "I have sudden craving for nail polish, let me go take a swig."

What about the young lady who LOVED the smell of mothballs. So much so, she had them crumbled on her carpet, like carpet freshener. She carried them in her purse, and sniffed them all throughout the day. She had them in her dresser drawers, in pillows, closets...EVERYWHERE! Her poor friends had to deal with that lovely odor.

OMG!! I think the worst was the lady who drinks her own urine?!?! UGH NASTY??? she said, sometimes it tastes like plum champagne?!?! and Mmm maybe a little lemony?!?! GAG! PUKE!! How in sam hill did she decide to start doing that 4 years ago!?!?!  

I love when they confess their addictions to their poor unsuspecting friends. The look on their faces is always priceless.

Do you have any strange addictions that you would like to confess?



  1. Beth, I love the new look! I don't have any strange addictions now (I think), but when I was a kid I loved to eat flour. Yeah. Straight from the bag. :)

  2. Flour? LOL too funny. I knew a lady who loved cornstarch and would eat it by the spoonfuls. Thanks Linda!

  3. Hi Beth, no I don't think I will be able to touch these! However, whenever, back in the day, LOL, I was expecting, I craved and ate clay dirt...Louisiana red clay! Hugs

  4. Interesting Loretta! Ha! I wonder if Louisiana red clay was like Georgia red clay? Again, I knew a woman that swore you should eat a little each day of that stuff LOL!! This same lady craved crushed ice. It couldn't be ice cubes, she said they didn't taste the same. She'd consume Big Gulp sized cups of it every day. LOL!