Sunday, July 29, 2012

All sorts of nastiness...

So, by now I'm sure that you've heard of the kid who posted a picture of himself standing in bins of lettuce. Yes, the lettuce that is used for YOUR food. Eww, that is just all sorts of nasty! Why would someone do something like that? Just the thought of it activates my gag reflex.

Do you think he was upset with a customer, his boss, co-workers or just thought it was funny? Well, there is always the crazy factor.

Have you ever walked out of a restaurant because you noticed something dirty? I have.  It was a fast food type restaurant and they handmade your sandwiches. Well, the lady behind the counter had like 4" long finger nails and on top of that she NOT wearing gloves. Oh, and one other little tidbit of information. She was the store manager!?!!?  That's gross! I don't care if she did scrub her hands well with soap and water before making the sandwich, it's still nasty!

I'm not much of a complainer but there are some things you just can't look past. I emailed the company stating they should require anyone working directly with food to wear gloves. I thought it was already mandatory, but I guess not.

There was another incident when I went through the drive-thru and ordered a salad. Once I arrived at my location to eat my lunch. I pulled the salad out of the bag and the lettuce was brown, wilted and partly frozen?!? Yuck! And it wasn't like the person serving the salad would not have noticed it because the lettuce was at the bottom or something.. It was the entire salad.

Remember those 'Caught on camera' type TV programs and they show employee's doing nasty stuff to your food. Dropping your steak on the floor and picking it back up and serving it?!?!  When this particular guy was confronted he said he did it because the patron kept complaining and sending her plate back saying it was not cooked correctly. Ugh!!

I'm probably the queen of walking out of eateries. I've walked out after one of the kids behind the counter sneezed in his hand and continued making the food.  After watching them scrap all the old ingredients that spilled over onto the counter (probably sitting there for a while) and putting them back in the tray to serve. Employees, scratching their head and  then continue preparing the food. The funny thing is that I'm usually the only one to walk out. Even though others noticed the incident, it didn't seem to bother them LOL!! Yuck!

What about you?


  1. :-X

    Ugh, long nails on food handlers are one of my "squick" things.

  2. LOL @ squick!! I had to look it up LOL!

  3. You just made me so glad that I cooked today. :)

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  5. Long fingernails on anyone - agreed! My family has walked out of eateries before. I'm surprised you are usually the only one to walk out after things like that! :O